Ordered something online and never received it? What are your rights?
What are your rights if you order something online or over the phone and it doesn't arrive or is late?

If you're shopping online (or by mail order or over the phone), you have rights. These rights mean that it's the retailer's responsibility to make sure that goods turn up. So if you order something, you don't need to battle with the delivery company - contact the retailer instead.

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Getting a low cost loan from a credit union
If you need a short term loan, you're much better off getting one from a credit union than a payday lender.

Credit Unions are not for profit savings and lending institutions run by and for their members. By law they can't charge more than 42.6% APR for a loan (it used to be 26.8%, but they are now allowed to charge more). However many charge far less. What do you need to know if you're thinking of using a credit union?

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Knowing your rights to credit card protection under section 75 - even if the card companies don't.
Banks and credit card companies are giving consumers the wrong information about their rights to credit card protection.

If you pay for something costing between £100 and £30,000 by credit card you get valuable protection under ‘section 75’ of the Consumer Credit Act. In broad terms it means you may be able to get your money back if there’s a problem with the goods or services you’ve ordered or the company fails. But a report by the Financial Ombudsman Service shows that credit card companies are giving people wrong information and fobbing off their complaints. So what’s true and what’s a myth?

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