Understanding your credit score; why your credit score matters and how to improve your credit score
What is a good credit score? How do lenders work out your credit score and what do they look at

Your credit history is a record of how you’ve managed debts in the past, but your credit score isn’t so easy to pin down. When working out your credit score, a credit company or lender will take a range of factors into account. This means that different lenders can come up with a different credit score number for the same person.

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Your credit file; what's on your credit report?
How to get hold of a copy of your credit report

If you’re a good credit risk, you’ll have the best chance of getting a mortgage or loan at the lowest interest rate. And it’s your credit file that credit providers (from banks to catalogue companies, mobile phone providers to credit card companies) rely on when working out whether to lend you money and, if so, how much interest they will charge.

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Women say they'll have to retire four years later than they'd like to and 40% feel worse off than a year ago
Over 40% of women manage money in a relationship and many parents are baffled about children’s savings

In 2014 I published the first SavvyWoman Women & Money report. It’s designed to be a snapshot of how women feel about their finances – everything from everyday money to investing and retirement. There are some really interesting findings from our research: women feel more gloomy about their finances than men; women reckon they’ll have to retire four years later than they’d like to and women and men are confused about the rules on children’s savings.

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