If you’re pregnant, are there any train travel concessions?
Some train companies will let some pregnant mums-to-be upgrade to First Class, while others have priority seat schemes.

The other day I saw an article in the London Evening Standard about a pregnant woman who’d had to sit on the floor because there wasn’t a seat in standard class. There’s no UK-wide policy adopted by all rail companies, but some will let pregnant women have a priority seat card while others will let season ticket holders sit in first class.

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Which junior cash ISAs pay the highest rate of interest?
If you want the best junior cash ISA for your child, which accounts are worth looking at?

Junior ISAs were launched in November 2011 - the government's replacement for the child trust fund, which was abolished in January the same year. They work in a similar way to 'adult' cash ISAs, which means that interest is paid tax free. However, unlike an adult cash ISA, you have to leave money in the junior ISA until your child is 18 (although they can transfer it between providers). Which pay the best rates?

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Child benefit changes Q and A – how they may affect you
How are you affected by the child benefit changes coming in from January if – for example - you and your partner split up?

The government’s child benefit changes coming in from January 7th are not the most straightforward. I’ve written an article that’s a basic guide to the child benefit changes, but I’ve also had lots of questions about what counts towards the £50,000 income threshold and what happens if your partner won’t tell you about his or her finances and who pays the tax charge if a new partner moves in.

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