Ten tips on getting the right travel insurance policy for less
If you’re buying travel insurance, what should you look for and how can you save money?

If you’re going on holiday, you normally need travel insurance. If you travel in Europe you can get some free medical treatment with an EHIC card (see my article that explains what an EHIC does and how to get one). Travel insurance will also pay out if you have to cancel your holiday or if your luggage is stolen. So what should you look for in a policy?

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How to get cheap airport parking
Save money on airport parking: if you’re heading off on your holidays, don’t pay the ‘drive in’ price

I was interested in a report in the Independent newspaper the other day which said it was cheaper to park a light plane at the airport for 24 hours than to leave a car in a short stay car park. So, I know short stay car parks are only meant for an hour or so, but even if you use a medium or long stay car park, you could pay a fortune if you don’t book ahead. What are your options?

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If you’re caught up in the travel chaos and your flight is delayed or cancelled, what are your rights?
If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to snow, fog or volcanic ash, what compensation can you claim?

Thousands of passengers saw their festive travel plans disrupted due to appalling weather in 2010. For some it meant that flights were cancelled. For others it meant long delays or hours in the car to get to airports. It’s not just the airlines that have been affected as Eurostar has also cancelled a number of departures. What are your rights if your plans are delayed and who – if anyone – will pay extra expenses that you’ve incurred?

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