6 traps to avoid if you're buying family travel insurance
If you’re travelling with your family or you’re pregnant, make sure you get the right travel insurance

If you’re buying travel insurance and you’re pregnant or you’re travelling with your family, watch out for big differences in the cover on offer from policies. Some won’t cover children over the age of 16, and some will expect a fit to fly note if you travel in the late stages of pregnancy, while others don’t mention pregnancy in their policy documents, so you’d have to ring them up to find out more.

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Holiday money: how to get more when you're buying travel money for your holiday
Which foreign currency providers pay the most and what charges should you watch out for?

If you’re heading off on holiday or thinking about a city break, you probably know that you won’t get the best deal on travel money if you leave it to the last minute. You can save a lot of money (especially if you're changing a large amount of currency) if you buy from a specialist provider rather than from your bank or from a currency provider at the airport. The airport is great for convenience, but you definitely won't get the best rates.

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Ten tips on getting the right travel insurance policy for less
If you’re buying travel insurance, what should you look for and how can you save money?

If you’re going on holiday, you normally need travel insurance. If you travel in Europe you can get some free medical treatment with an EHIC card (see my article that explains what an EHIC does and how to get one). Travel insurance will also pay out if you have to cancel your holiday or if your luggage is stolen. So what should you look for in a policy?

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